Political Action Guide

NJEA Political Action Guide

Welcome to the new NJEA Political Action Guide. This guide updates the time-honored Legislative Program Guide that NJEA has published every winter for many years. The old guide provided members with a legislative “year in review” as well as a list of bills supported and opposed by the Association.

For many years this was a terrific resource document for dedicated NJEA political activists. NJEA recognizes, however, that times have changed. Access to information about legislation is much better today rendering the old format outdated almost as soon as it is published.

Today, NJEA activists need more than a list of bills and sponsors—they need to know where to go to find the most up-to-date information concerning legislation they care about; and they need resource materials to help them organize for legislative and political success.

Veteran NJEA activists will also notice the title of this publication has changed to include the words “Political Action.” That is no accident. Legislation and politics are inextricably linked and NJEA members need to be prepared on both fronts to advance public education and their profession.

NJEA hopes this guide will be useful to you and your colleagues. Please direct any comments, questions, or feedback about this guide the NJEA Government Relations Division. We welcome your input!


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