Tips on Creating Terrific Titles and Descriptions for your Convention Program

  • Keep it simple.  Use terms that are universally understood.  

  • Keep it short.  Avoid using long titles (10 or less words) and descriptions (30 words or less).  Get to the point… and leave them wanting for more.

  • Pitch to your preferred audience.  If your program is of interest to younger members or high school teachers, your topic and description should appeal to younger members or high school teachers.

  • Use your imagination. Your program is competing with over 300 other programs for attention. 

  • Be active. Use active, rather than passive voice.

  • Think professional.  Above all, emphasize the professional development aspects of your program.

Here are a few “good” examples:

“Experience Moodle”
Moodle is a FREE open source learning management system for schools. Learn how you can use Moodle to create blended learning experiences for your students.

“Bringing Creativity and Engagement Back into the Elementary Classroom”
Come learn about Pixie, an exciting new primary grades creativity tool with an array of paint and easy-to-use image editing tools and cross-curricular stickers.

“Educational RAP Podcasts”
Discover how your students can use podcasts to create educational raps that support core content areas.

“Podcasts, Wikis and Blogs, Oh My!
Explore the various web tools that can be used in schools today, such as podcasts, videocasts, screencasts, blogs and wikis.

Teachers – Step Away from your Board!
Wireless tablets provide teachers with the freedom to teach from anywhere in the classroom.  

Participate in a journey of discovery leading to cultural understanding of students in other nations, and a shared vision of social justice and peace in global solidarity. 

“Local Heroes”
Explore how students can use media to document the local heroes in their community.