Language Arts Resources

Here you can search a number of online dictionaries using specialisms, computer terms and other technical talk.  You can also search style guides and Roget's Thesaurus.

Interactive Shakespeare Project

A great resource that includes completely annotated editions of the text, plus video, illustrations, scholarly essays, a contextualized glossary and a teacher's guide.

Novel Guide

This site provides chapter summaries, character profiles, metaphor and theme analyses, and author biographies.  Works include "Lord of the Flies", "1984" plus Shakespeare plays.

Free resources for parents and teachers who help children learn to read, including gifted and talented projects, adapted Shakespeare scripts for children, writing ideas, vocabulary lists, strategies for parents to read with their children, and more.

Roget's Thesaurus

As well as being a good reference site, it is fun to browse through and discover new words. 

S.C.O.R.E. Language Arts

The Schools of California Online Resource for Educators, sponsored in part by the California Dept. of Ed. is an excellent resource for Language Arts teachers.  Be sure to check out "Cyber Guides."   


Visit Cat in the Hat, Yertle the Turtle and many other Dr. Seuss favorites.  Dr. Seuss rhymes come to life in highly interactive games.  

StoryPlace: The Children's Digital Library

Sponsored by the Public Library of Charlotte, this K-2 site offers children the opportunity to view online stories, participate in interactive activities and print activity pages.  Five themes are available:  colors, teddy bears, crocodiles, animals and monkeys.  The colorful graphics and animations will appeal to younger students. 

The following criteria were considered when choosing each site: 

  • It was recently updated. 
  • It contains the author’s name or organization. 
  • It is not purely commercial. 
  • It is “member friendly.” 
  • It has been reviewed by NJEA.