ESL & Foreign Language Resources

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

ACTFL is the professional association that represents teachers of all languages at all educational levels.  The site contains information on a variety of topics, including professional development programs, proficiency testing publications and job opportunities.

CSUN ESL Lesson Plans and Resources

This is one of the best starting points for the ESL educator.  The site connects to a variety of sites providing information in this area.

Dave's ESL Café

An excellent site for ESL and EFL students and teachers around the world.  The site contains online help (including a daily Q and A.) 

Dictionary of ESL Programs

A free searchable  international directory of ESL programs.


An online magazine for those teaching and learning English as a foreign language.

ESL Study Hall

This site contains links and reviews of sites to improve reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar skills.

The site contains everything for ESL, bilingual and classroom teachers working with K to 12 language minority students.  Resources include information, staff inservicing, lesson plans, activities and bulletin boards.  Highly recommended.

Foreign Language Resources on the Web

Seeks to include only the best of the foreign language (foreign for native speakers of English) websites out of the many that exist.

Kathy's ESL World

This is where you can find an ever growing list of links, information and fun to help you learn English and about America.

National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center

Located at Iowa State University, it is one of six centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education.  It is committed to improving foreign language education in U.S. schools.  The site includes information about Center institutes, workshops and projects and provides links to useful foreign language web resources.

OHIO University CALL Lab

Offers web resources for language learners and teachers.  Select from among these menu items: Special Projects for language learners and teachers, Teacher Resources for language teaching suggestions, and Et Cetera for links to other resources of interest to teachers and students.

The following criteria were considered when choosing each site: 

  • It was recently updated. 
  • It contains the author’s name or organization. 
  • It is not purely commercial. 
  • It is “member friendly.” 
  • It has been reviewed by NJEA.