Help with Homework

Develop your own philosophy about homework. As you do, consider these ideas:

1. Don't give homework as punishment.

2. Don't give spur-of-the-moment homework assignments.

3. Don't assume that because no questions are asked when you give the assignment that students have no questions about their homework.

4. Don't expect students (even your best ones) to always have their homework done.

5. Understand that not all kinds of homework assignments are equally valuable for all students.

6. Explain the purpose of every homework assignment.

7. Listen to what students say about their experiences with homework.

8. Acknowledge and be thankful for students' efforts to complete homework.

9. Encourage students to ask their parents for help with homework.

10. Offer to help students before and after school with homework unless the assignments are ones that should be completed independently.

11. Don't confuse excuses for incomplete homework assignments with legitimate reasons.

12. Make every effort to acknowledge completed homework assignments and, if you grade them, grade and return them right away.