Back-to-School Night Tips

Roll out the welcome mat:

  • Send invitations to family members.
  • Promote the night with your students.
  • Send a thank-you letter for attending.

Create a friendly environment:

  • Use name tags.
  • Ask family member to sit at student's desk.
  • Have a larger chair available, if needed.
  • Have students leave welcome notes on their desks and ask family members to respond to notes and leave for students.
  • Display students' work and label work areas.
  • Post curriculum and schedule.

Plan exactly what you will say:

  • Openly welcome family members.
  • Give overview of daily routine and academic plans for the school year.
  • Explain discipline plan and homework policy.
  • Prepare a handout with important information/policies.
  • End on a positive, caring note stressing the importance of working as a team.