Eagles player salutes his A-plus Achievers

Published on Friday, February 21, 2014

Jason AvantThe students at Penn Beach Elementary School in Pennsville learned firsthand that hard work pays off. They were the grand prize winners of a pep rally with wide receiver Jason Avant, Bobby Mansure of the Eagles Pep Band, and Eagles mascot Swoop on Wednesday, Feb. 19.

NJEA and Eagles Radio teamed up with Avant to challenge kids to work hard and do their best. About half of the school’s enrollment completed the challenge to become Jason Avant’s A+ Achievers. The 121 students who successfully completed the challenge won autographed Jason Avant jerseys. Another 79 jerseys were mailed to students from other schools who met the challenge.

The students made a pledge to do the following for a three-week period.

  1. Study their playbook: that means do all their homework, study, and read.
  2. Eat Right: Avoid eating too much candy or junk food and choose healthy foods.
  3. Stay in condition: exercise at least 4 days a week.
  4. Listen to your coaches: Be respectful and listen to parents, teachers, and coaches.

After completing the challenge, students had to get their pledge cards signed by a teacher and parent.

“We are really proud of the students and staff at Penn Beach Elementary for all of the hard work they put into this contest,” said Dawn Hiltner, NJEA spokesperson. “It is important for young people to develop good habits that will help them be successful in school and in life. The students at Penn Beach are setting a great example by being A-plus Achievers.”

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