My Hero Works at School

By Rahim Hazel-Jackson

A school employee who has had a positive impact on my life was my business essentials teacher. Her name was Ms. Steinbach and she has helped me a lot. She showed me that even though my class basically made that particular time of day in her life a living hell, she showed that she loved teaching us.  She wanted to see all of her students excel and succeed. But besides that, she showed me a lot that she cares about my future. Also, that she would make sure all of her students learned everything she taught.

She showed us that she cared about our futures by making us look up the college we wanted to go to or the course we wanted to pursue so that from that point on, we would be able to know all about what we wanted to do. Also, she made sure that we understood what we were doing and what we would have to do to get to that particular spot or place in life. For example, during every lesson that she taught me and my class, she made sure that she added something dealing with our future or “next step in life” which was usually college. Because of this, I know where I want to go, how I am going to get there, and the exact tools and money I need to get there.

But her class hasn’t been all about future and success, she let us watch the news and here and there and had an open discussion about what’s going on in the outside world just so we could be used to knowing what’s going on outside school.

So basically she wanted us to know and realize that our lives aren’t all about school work or as some would say “the books.” It’s about being able to have street smarts and book smarts. This way living our lives would be a breeze. She also showed us that she was interested with our personal lives or the things that we do out of school like a hobby or sports or even something we wish we could do if we had the time or because we weren’t physically active or had a disability. 

The reason why this employee had a positive impact on me was because in her class it wasn’t all about her like some other classes – it was about the students. This is why I look at Ms. Steinbach, my business essentials teacher, as “my hero who works at school.”