Colonia High School baseball coach a hero

Stops school bus filled with children after driver passes out

Published on Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tom Hennessey

Colonia High School’s baseball coach Tom Hennessey is being called a hero after he stopped a school bus filled with children when the driver passed out.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, April 30 after the team was returning from an away game. The driver passed out shortly after the bus pulled away from North Brunswick High School, according to the report.

Hennessey said he “just reacted." He tapped the driver on the shoulder, but when he did not respond instinct took over as he then stepped on the driver’s foot and applied the brake. The bus carried about 40 students and was traveling 30 mph according to Hennessey.   He pulled the bus over as an assistant coach called 911.

An ambulance arrived and the driver was reportedly okay.

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