Thank a teacher

Poll results indicate how we can truly thank teachers beyond a gift or thank you card

Published on Monday, June 10, 2013

As part of this year’s National Teacher Day celebration held in May, the National Education Association conducted an online poll, asking teachers, “What do you want for National Teacher Day?”

Nearly 1,000 educators participated in the poll. Poll responses indicate that teachers still appreciate thank you cards, flowers and drawings from their students, but teachers also expressed growing concern and frustration with high stakes testing and the lack of classroom autonomy.

According to those participating in the online poll, the best “thank you” would be to: 

  • “Trust my education and experience. Give me control over my students’ instruction and assessment” (29.1%)
  • “Stop the standardized testing mania (28.06%)
  • “Pay me the salary I deserve” (19.98%)
  • “Smaller classes so I can give more individualized attention” (11.66%)
  • “A classroom with adequate school supplies” (5.66%)
  • “More time for class preparation and grading” (5.54%)

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