NJ State Board of Ed Action Items

Published on Monday, March 18, 2013

Speak out!Evaluation regs move to proposal level

A new evaluation system for New Jersey’s teachers is one step closer to implementation. At the May 1 State Board of Education meeting, board members voted to officially propose the regulations governing teacher evaluation in New Jersey. If you wish to express your opinion of the proposed regulations, you can send a letter to the board members. NJEA has prepared instructions on writing to the State BoardLearn more   

Coalition testifies before joint committee on special ed regs

Members of the Special Education Stakeholders Coalition testified before the Joint Committee on Public Schools on Tuesday, June 11, to express concerns with the rapid pace at which the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) was adopting questionable revisions to special education regulations. 

Take action today! Continue to write letters to the State Board of Education members, but more importantly, educate parents and community residents on the impact of these proposals by writing letters to the editor and urge concerned parents and colleagues to contact their legislators to intervene. All stakeholders—educators, parents, and legislators—must send one common message: Let the state-mandated Special Education Task Force—signed into law by Gov. Christie earlier this year— do its due diligence. Learn more

Take action on professional development

In October, the Department of Education (DOE) introduced proposed changes to Professional Development (PD) regulations that would significantly diminish your ability to make decisions about the professional learning you need to best address the needs of your students. Learn more

NJ DOE proposal to weaken school nurse certification

The New Jersey State Board of Education has proposed weakening the requirements for school nurse certification. Specifically, under their proposal, certified school nurses would no longer be required to serve in a practicum to gain the experience necessary to work as a school nurse. Learn more

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