Christie playing politics with Supreme Court nominations

Published on Thursday, February 28, 2013

According to published reports, at a town hall meeting in Montville yesterday, Gov. Christie complained that he’s been unable to appoint Supreme Court justices who will “let him cut spending by changing how education is funded.”  Specifically, he wants the court to change the long-standing Abbott ruling regarding school funding in many of New Jersey’s most economically-challenged communities.  NJEA president Barbara Keshishian issued the following statement:

“Gov. Christie’s continued disrespect for the independence of the judiciary should be troubling to every New Jersey voter.  He’s been very clear that he expects the judges he appoints to overturn established law in New Jersey, before they even get a chance to hear a case or review any arguments on their merits. 

“It’s part of a disturbing trend that others have already noted.  Last year, the Star Ledger wrote that “Christie’s tenure has been marked by tirades against individual judges, threats to ignore the court’s most anticipated rulings and the occasional second-guessing of when judges should and should not recuse themselves on specific cases.”

“We call on Gov. Christie to stop playing politics with judicial appointments, and instead nominate qualified and capable judges who will rule strictly according to the law, not according to the political objectives of the governor or any other person or institution. 

“We commend Sen. Sweeney for his principled stand in support of an independent judiciary that is not beholden to political interests but only to the laws of the state of New Jersey.”

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