Free program keeps kids safe

Published on Monday, December 16, 2013

Cross Country ConnectionTo keep students safe while travelling in their neighborhoods and beyond, Cross Country Connection is offering a FREE Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Program for 3rd and 4th grade students in South Jersey. (Second graders can also be included.)

Funded through the NJ Department of Transportation & Federal Highway, Cross Country Connection visits schools from Burlington County to Cape May to help explain to students the benefits and potential hazards of walking, how to properly understand and obey pedestrian signals, how to cross roadways safely, and how to understand traffic flow. The lesson takes 30 minutes to administer and can be effectively delivered to a group of 30-40 students at one time. Following suit with New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards, Cumulative Progress Indicators 2.1.2.D.1, 2.1.2.D.3, 2.1.4.D.1, and 2.1.4.D.3 are covered in the lesson. View curriculum

Interested schools should have an open area (gym, all purpose room, cafeteria etc.) available for the program since there is an actual layout of a road used for demonstration purposes. The program is free to schools.

Cross County Connection is a non-profit seeking to improve the quality of life in southern New Jersey thought transportation solutions. They assist schools and businesses in the use of innovative programs for commuting alternatives to encourage the reduction of traffic congestion and improvement of air quality in our region.

For more information, contact Valerie Laranko, Marketing Outreach Specialist, at (856) 596-8228 or

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