Governor denies ESPs job protections

Published on Friday, August 23, 2013

Earlier this week, Gov. Christie vetoed S-1191,  NJEA’s ESP rights bill which sought to provide job protections when subcontracting is threatened.  This bill would have required boards of education to give 90 days’ notice when seeking to privatize jobs as well as prevented any privatization attempts during a valid contract term. 

This is the second ESP rights bill the governor has vetoed.  The first, S-2163, would have guaranteed due process in disciplinary matters.  Christie vetoed the bill, saying it will impose “burdensome and expensive administrative procedures on every school district.”

NJEA members have worked hard all year to secure these bipartisan bills’ passage in both houses of the Legislature.  At the Summer Leadership Conference earlier this month, Sen. Barbara Buono proudly shared her reasons for supporting these bills and told the standing-room only crowd that if she were governor,  these bills would have immediately been enacted into legislation.  Unfortunately, Christie’s reasons for vetoing these bills demonstrate that he does not believe all school employees deserve to be treated fairly and equally in disciplinary and employment matters.

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