Published on Thursday, April 11, 2013

Under Chris Christie, NJ keeps falling behind
The numbers don’t lie.

Under Governor Chris Christie, New Jersey residents continue to fall behind the rest of America, and things continue to get worse.

Here are just a few of the numbers that the Christie administration would rather we not see:

Jobs Lost – New Jersey Falling Behind

  • 7th – New Jersey has the 7th highest unemployment rate in the country at 9.3 percent – the worst rate in the region (April 2, 2013)
  • 47th – NJ’s economic growth ranking (The Times of Trenton 3/4/2013)
  • 45,000 – Number of permanent jobs Christie cost New Jersey by killing the Access to the Region’s Core tunnel project (The Star-Ledger, 10/28/2010)
  • 10,000 – Teachers and school employees laid off in 2010 due to Christie’s budget cuts (Daily Journal, 12/29/2010)

New Jersey Families Falling Behind

  • 82% – Percentage of New Jersey towns that saw some increase in the average property tax bills in 2011 (The Star-Ledger, 1/8/2012)
  • 7.7% – New Jersey’s mortgage default rate, 4.5% higher than the national average (The Star-Ledger 12/4/2012)
  • 48 out of 50 – New Jersey’s rank when it comes to serving school breakfast to low-income children, many of whom come to school hungry and unable to concentrate on their school work (Advocates for Children of New Jersey, 1/31/2012)

Crumbling Infrastructure & Rising Costs

  • 25% – Increase in fares for NJ Transit rail and commuter bus lines since Christie took office (Asbury Park Press, 4/14/10)
Source: By the Numbers, OneNJ

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