March School Spirit Award Winner

Patricia Westendorf

Patricia Westendorf

Excerpt from nomination letter:

The teacher who deserves the NJEA School Spirit Award is Patricia Westendorf.

Patricia is a 6th grade math teacher at Joseph R. Bolger Middle School in Keansburg, NJ. She has been a teacher in the district for over 15 years and has demonstrated the criteria’s of being an amazing math teacher.

Never have a I met an upstanding educator who goes beyond many lengths to make leaning fun. As a past student and now fellow co-worker of Patricia, she has made sure her students understand the basics of education. For example, she has brought concept of fun and learning into the classroom when she allowed her students to use math problems as a development within their own board games. Then there was Math Jeopardy which was used as a review for Quizzes, tests, mid-terms and finals.

Mrs. Westendorf, was one to come in everyday with a smile, ready to teach with true dedication towards her students and fellow co-workers. Sadly, this year is  Patricia Westendorf’s last year as she will be retiring from the teaching industry. I can say that throughout my life there has never been a teacher who I looked up to like Mrs. Westendorf. A true teacher/educator that couldn’t get me to learn the concepts of mathematics like she did.

Patricia is amazing both spiritually and physically when It came to her work. I can proudly say it has been an honor working beside her and learning as a student. I believe you can’t find someone who tries and tries again to make sure her students are well nourished with outstanding knowledge. What better candidate to award the “NJEA School Spirit Award’ to than Patri9cia Westendorf on her outstanding teaching Career.