April School Spirit Award Winner

Lynn KochLynn Koch

Excerpt from nomination letter:

Why does this person deserve the School Spirit Award?

Lynn uses all kinds of technology to teach her students. She has many special needs students who enjoy working on the computers, listening to stories on the iPads etc. She makes all of her lessons so interactive so the children are always getting out of their chairs and going to the board to point out an answer or moving into another station to learn a new concept or playing a game to learn new words. I have the privilege of going into her class to run an occupational therapy group where we do exercises and engage the students in various activities. She often works with the students on the exercises when I am not there to help them stay focused. I recently observed one of her students using his IPad and the white board to help teach a history lesson with the rest of the class. He was so excited to show me what he was able to do after his teacher purchased the chord necessary to do this (with her own money, on the weekend at Bestbuy). Watching how excited the entire class was learning about the presidents was unbelievable. I always learn something new about technology when I visit her classroom. She always goes above and beyond working with her students and is one of the most generous and smart teachers I have ever worked with. It is truly a delight to see her with both staff and the students she encounters on a daily basis. It would be a pleasure to have her recognized for all that she brings to our school.