What is NJEA?

The New Jersey Education Association is a diverse, democratic organization working to create an optimal environment to achieve excellence in public education in New Jersey. NJEA's mission is to promote the educational interests of the State; to promote equal educational opportunity for all students; to secure and maintain for the art and science of teaching its true position among the professions; and to promote and guard the interests of its members.

NJEA?s goals are:

  • Member Advocacy - To preserve and improve the economic interests, working conditions, job security, and pensions of all members;
  • Organizing - To strengthen the Association by maximizing membership, developing leadership, and supporting affiliates; and
  • Enhancing Public Education - To promote and deliver quality professional development for educators. To advance and support policies that enhance and enrich public education.

NJEA is the state affiliate of the National Education Association. NJEA has a local affiliate in every school district in New Jersey, almost all of them the legally recognized bargaining agent for that district's teachers. As NJEA members, you have the opportunity to grow professionally and personally. NJEA protects your rights, promotes your profession, and provides the security you need to do your job well.