The Unity Symbol:

Wear it with Pride! 

NJEA members proudly display the unity symbol on sweatshirts, bumper stickers, posters, stationery, and pins. Yet few know what the symbol really means. In 1966, the NEA Executive Committee adopted the symbol as the "collective membership mark" of the united teaching profession.

  • The arrow represents the forward thrust of education.

  • The pi symbol is the Ancient Greek word for education and a non-repeating mathematical concept. Together, the arrow and the pi symbol link the legacy of the past with the future.

  • The spherical triangle represents the profession's three-fold purpose: to promote the cause of education; advance the interests of the profession; and serve members at all levels ? local, county, state, and national.

In short, the unity symbol shows education moving forward through a never-ending, ever changing pattern with you, for you, and by you.