Parent Conferences:

What to Do If...

Of course you want parent conferences to be positive experiences where you can strengthen the bond between home and school. Realistically, however, you may find some parent behaviors to be as unpredictable as those of their children in the classroom.

How would you handle the following situations? Talk to your mentor and colleagues for advice. What would you do if the parent(s). . .

  • Don't speak English?

  • Become verbally abusive? Physically abusive?

  • Want to include the student(s) in the conference?

  • Will not attend the conference and won't reschedule an appointment?

  • Want to compare their child with their siblings or with other students in the class?

  • Refuse to acknowledge any weaknesses in their child?

  • Start an argument with each other?

  • Want to discuss unrelated topics?

  • Ask for your home phone number?

  • Want to discuss other teachers or the administration?

  • Want you to offer medical, parenting or counseling advice?

  • Invite you to their home to get to know you better?