20 Tips from Veteran Teachers

Over the years, NJEA members and staff have developed workshops, seminars, tips and other assistance for the classroom. To get you started, here are a few words of wisdom from fellow teachers about classroom management.

  1. Get lesson plans in order and be organized.

  2. Look at the student to whom you are speaking.

  3. Don't disapprove of what a child is--disapprove of what he or she does.

  4. Let the class relax occasionally, but make sure they know to return to required behavior when asked.

  5. Be fair but firm. Enforce your rules consistently, fairly and impersonally.

  6. Give attention and praise for good behavior.

  7. Don't show favoritism.

  8. Let students know you care and will help before and after school, provided they are trying. Let them know you WANT to help them.

  9. Keep full control.

  10. Discourage tattling.

  11. Make positive statements as often as possible.

  12. Stop unwanted noise as soon as it starts.

  13. At the beginning of the school year, hold firm to classroom rules. It is easier to let up than tighten up.

  14. Give clear, concise behavior rules at the first of school. Stick to them.

  15. Reprimand a student in private whenever possible and feasible.

  16. Do not threaten students but do explicitly spell out the consequences of their negative behavior.

  17. Assign punishment impersonally and justly.

  18. Have a regular order of procedure. Be open, approachable and friendly.

  19. Let each student feel your interest. Be genuine. Allow for various abilities as well as interests in making assignments.

  20. Follow through and SMILE OFTEN, and before December!