Sub Insurance - Preparing Everyone for Your Absence

You may have decided that coming to school sick is easier than trying to prepare for a sub in your classroom or trying to straighten out the chaos when you return.

Preparing yourself and your students for a sub is just as important as preparing the sub to take over your duties.

Ask your mentor, colleagues and/or association reps for advice on the following topics:

  • Should I prepare my students for my absence? (Some education experts believe that younger students should be reassured that you'll be back, while older students need to know the sub will tell you what really happened while you were gone.)
  • Who are the reliable and competent subs the district uses regularly? How do I make sure I get one of them for my classroom?
  • How do I get a sub?
  • I had a bad experience with a sub. How do I make sure it doesn't happen again?
  • Only I can teach the lessons in my subject area. Is it OK to just leave "busy work" for my students to keep them occupied and quiet?
  • Should I let a sub give a test to my students?
  • What should/shouldn't a sub be allowed to do in my classroom?
  • I left lesson plans and material for the sub to do. He/she didn't follow the plans and told my principal I left him/her unprepared. What should I do?
  • If an accident or emergency happens while a sub is in my classroom, who is held liable?