Preparing for a Substitute

It may not be in your lesson plans right now, but sometime in the future you're probably going to miss a day of school and you'll need a substitute.

Subs are like Santa's elves-they do the work when the big guy isn't around.

Subs will do a better job if you make sure everything they need is marked and handy.

Label a file folder or notebook "Substitute" and always keep it somewhere that people can find it (desk drawer, filing cabinet).

Here are some suggestions for what could be in the folder:

  • Schedule of classes (regular and special) and supervision assignment
  • Names and schedules of students who leave the room during the day for special reasons
  • Names of students
  • Seating chart
  • Procedures for reporting student absences, lunch, etc.
  • Lesson plans (Include an emergency lesson plan in case regular lesson plans don't make it to the sub)
  • Your classroom rules and discipline procedures
  • Location of any manuals or materials to be used
  • Procedure for use of AV material or any other special equipment
  • Names and schedules of aides and/or volunteers
  • Names of students who can be depended on to help
  • Names and location of teachers to call on for help
  • Procedures for dealing with sick or injured children
  • Procedures for regular and early dismissal
  • Floor plan of the building
  • Procedures for emergency drills
  • Some sort of evaluation form so that the substitute can let you know how things went while you were gone (You don't need any surprises when you return!)