Let Parent Volunteer Groups Help Out

Whether it's the PTO, the Band Boosters or the Parent Advisory Committee, these groups are always looking for ways to help their local school. Take advantage of all the good things they can do for you and your school. You may even consider joining one of those groups.

Here is a sample of what these groups can do:

  • Raise funds to pay for things you, the school or the district can't afford. They can raise money for equipment and supplies to help you with a class project.

  • Do thoughtful things for teachers throughout the year. These groups can play a part in American Education Week or School Family Day by recognizing the efforts of school employees.

  • Provide volunteers to help in classrooms or on special projects.

Here's what you can do to make sure volunteers keep volunteering:

  • Be specific about what you want the group to do. Provide them with details of the project or event.

  • Trust their judgment as far as knowing what to do and who to contact.

  • Let them know that you plan on providing help and won't let them shoulder all the work.

  • Provide them with whatever resources you have available.

  • Make sure you thank them for their work.