Knowledge and Confidence Assessment

You've survived almost a month at your new job. If you're feeling like you really don't know it all, try this assessment with your mentor. It will give both of you a clearer perspective on how we all need to be helping one another.

The categories correspond with the August Tips, which focused on making sure you get what you need to survive.

Rating Scale
1 - Very little knowledge
2 - Some knowledge but difficulty in applying it
3 - Enough knowledge and comfort level to get by
4 - A solid knowledge base and high level of confidence

State standards and frameworks
Cultural diversity
Parent conferences
Working with ESL students
Disciplining students
Classroom management
Creating a safe learning environment
Working with special-needs students
Student learning styles and how to adapt curriculum to accommodate
Assessing and grading students
Developing lesson plans
Finding and using professional resources
Using technology in the classroom
Requesting supplies and equipment
Teacher evaluation procedures
Personal organization (time and stress management; record-keeping)
Using a variety of instructional strategies
Using school phone, copier, fax, etc.
Teacher contract particulars
Dealing with emergencies