Lifting & carrying: protect yourself and be safe

Have you ever grabbed and lifted something the wrong way or too quickly?

Did you end up paying a physical price for such action?

If you?ve answered ?yes? to either question above, or just want to take proper precautions, then read on.

Many work related back injuries occur due to improper lifting and carrying. Such injuries can last for short periods of time, such as a couple of days, and up to extended durations, running into years.

You suffer the pain and the district suffers the loss of your professional service.

Like any activity done well, lifting and carrying requires planning before implementation. Here are easy steps in each:


Visually Check the Object.

  • Does it have any sharp, jagged edges?
  • Is it slippery to the touch?
  • Do you need protective clothing?

    Test the Object.
  • Is it too much to lift solo?
  • If you can?t someone to help you lift & carry, then divide the load into smaller amounts that you are capable of carrying.
  • With any load of significant weight (your standard), if a mechanical device is available, such as a handcart, use it.

    Check Out the ?Delivery? Route.
  • Is the path clear?
  • Is the path clean, dry and easily traveled?

  • Stand Straight, Close to the Object, Feet Apart and on firm footing.
  • Squat Straight Down, Bending Only the Hips & Knees. Do not bent Your Waist.
  • Firmly Grasp the Object.
  • Bend Your Back Inward Toward the Object, While Pulling Your Shoulders Back and Sticking Your Chest Out.
  • Lift Only with Your Legs. Do Not Use Your Back Muscles to Lift.
  • Hold the Object Close to You. This reduces the Stress on the Back Muscles.

  • Stand Straight While Carrying.
  • Don?t Body Twist to Turn. Pivot on your Feet.
  • Hips, Shoulders & Ears Should Be Aligned, With Elbows By Your Sides.
  • Always Use Both Arms.

  • Reverse the Lifting order.
  • Bend at the Hips and Knees, while,
  • Pushing Lower Back Inward.

    This sounds like a lot to think about, but it isn?t. If you?ve ever learned to ride a bike and you listed everything you actually learned, the list would be many times longer as that above.

    Stay Healthy and Safe.