Cell phones: protect yourself and be safe

During the summer, many school district ESP employees are assigned individual duties performed in isolation. Such a situation can potentially cause problems if emergencies occur and there is no communication system available that employees can use to call for assistance.

Here is a list of “working alone” emergencies that may occur:

  • A secretary is confronted by an angry member of the public;
  • A bus driver makes a stop, and is confronted by a threatening person;
  • A grounds keeper suffers heat exhaustion;
  • A custodian falls;
  • A security guard sees suspicious characters lurking about the employees parking area.

The list can be endless. Cooperative solutions can easily be found.

Many cell phone providers offer non-profit organizations old cell phones for their security use. These phones can be programmed to a certain number or numbers, e.g. *911, local police, rescue services, management. If an event occurs, the employee needs only to activate the phone for the call to go through. Quick response is generally the result.

Employee issued pagers serve the same function. These are limited, however, because two-way conversations do not occur.

The association could approach the administration and ask to explore the above solutions. With the justifiable, heightened awareness for security, discussions centered on the above potential problems and their solutions can pay huge dividends in school safety for all.

*When calling 911, always give your precise location. Even though the 911 dispatcher can ultimately place your call’s location, giving your precise location saves time.

Stay healthy and safe.