How school employees can be prepared for bomb threats

It is important the school employees, especially ESP members, be prepared when emergencies arise. Many ESP members, especially secretaries and clerks, have direct access to incoming calls. In many cases, ESP members are the first line of defense and response to emergencies.

The following information should be used in case of a bomb threat.

Review the bomb threat check list recommended and used by the NJ State Police. It is comprehensive and detailed. Its use guarantees that any information recorded is accurate and detailed. Law enforcement and other security professionals know and understand that not every category of information can or will be recorded.

Any information that is accurately recorded expedites law enforcement?s response and enhances the school?s ability to protect its students and staff.

The following are recommended implementation procedures.

  • Review the form with school district authorities, in conjunction with representatives of local law enforcement.
  • Once a form is agreed upon, have it printed on NCR paper, with the forms kept in a binder.
  • When a call is received, take down all the information that can be recorded.
  • Tear off a sheet of the NCR paper, keeping a copy in the binder, and forwarded the sheet immediately to the designated responder, usually an administrator who calls the authorities.
  • Request periodic training on the use of the form. Just like fire drills, practice using the form should be conducted periodically.

Anyone who receives outside calls, such as many ESP members, should have this form available by the telephones at all times.