RETAILERS: Looking for an easy – and free – way to reach 200,000 new customers?

NJEA, the statewide representative for public school employees in New Jersey (people who live in virtually every community in our state), is ready to provide you with an easy, no-cost way to reach 200,000 new customers. Our successful Member Benefits Program has been in effect for more than 45 years. We are looking to expand this program, and your company is one we believe would be of interest to our members. 

And what will NJEA do for you? A lot!

  • Your product or service will be listed in various Member Benefits Program announcements.
  • Your product or service will be listed on the NJEA website in the Member Benefits section, so our members may access your company by discount category and geographic region. 
  • Information about your product or service will be distributed at the annual NJEA Convention in Atlantic City, which draws more than 50,000 members!

It’s easy to participate! After reviewing our guidelines, just complete the NJEA Member Discount Program application and mail or fax it back to NJEA.

We ask that the discount you offer our members be of greater value than discounts you may offer the general public. Also, you may want to include immediate NJEA family members in your offer, since our research tells us this encourages greater participation in the program. If you have questions about this exciting new venture, please contact G. Lorraine Jones at 609-599-4561, ext. 2222.

There’s no doubt that everyone wins with NJEA’s Member Discount Program! So come join us – you’ll be glad you did!