“Establishes task force to study various issues related to improving special education programs and services for public school students.”

NJEA supports S-600 (Beck, Ruiz) / A-1365 (Rible, Angelini, O’Donnell, Simon). This legislation would establish the Task Force on Improving Special Education for Public School Students to study the issues related to improving funding and delivery of appropriate and cost-effective special education programs and services for public students.

NJEA is an organization that has worked in the past with the Department of Education, the state legislature and various groups representing the special education community. We continue to support efforts to improve the level of funding and the delivery of the most effective programs and services that will benefit students with special needs. As one of the 17 members proposed to have a seat on the task force, we look forward to collaborating with other stakeholders to evaluate practices for classifying and educating students who are eligible for special education; the development of best practices for education professionals and the costs associated with out-of-district and in-district special education programs.

According to the Department of Education, 215,000 students in New Jersey are eligible to receive special education and related services. Given the significant needs of many of our special education students, and the requirement that these children be educated in the least restrictive environment, NJEA will continue to take every step to ensure that the programs and services they receive will allow them to be successful learners.

NJEA supports this legislation.

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