Requires school districts provide pupil directory information to county vocational schools upon request

NJEA supports S-2482 (Ruiz)/A-3410 (Diegnan, Jasey, Watson Coleman, Jimenez).  This bill requires that upon request, school districts must provide directory information, meaning a student’s name and address, to the county vocational school.

All students should be made aware of the opportunities available to them at their county vocational school.  When districts do not share student directory information with the county school, students are often unaware of programs they might choose to attend.

County vocational schools should have easy access to student information to publicize their programs.  Otherwise, they have to find other means of making their programs known – which are often more expensive and less effective.  This bill will ensure that students can learn of the opportunities available to them.

NJEA asks you to support S-2482/A-3410.