Adds one member to New Jersey Epilepsy Task Force and extends for one year.

NJEA supports S-2353 (Madden)/A-3628 (Conaway), which would add a member of the New Jersey State School Nurses Association to the New Jersey Epilepsy Task Force and extend the work of the task force for one additional year.

School nurses continue to address the growing health care needs of thousands of students within our schools. They are the first responders for our students when health issues arise during the school day. Because of the large number of children under their care on a given day, it is important to include the unique perspective of school nurses on the New Jersey Epilepsy Task Force. The input of school nurses will help the task force in meeting its mission of developing recommendations to educate the public and health care professionals about screening, diagnosis, and treatment of epilepsy and its complications.

NJEA supports this legislation.