“Requires prompt monthly reporting on condition of major State budget funds and disclosure of the State's accrued revenues compared with anticipated revenues”

NJEA supports S-2095 (Sarlo, Greenstein) / A-2885 (Prieto, Singleton, Sumter).  The bill requires monthly updates on the condition of all major State funds and the prompt disclosure of the State’s accrued revenues by major tax compared to anticipated revenues.  Under the bill, the monthly report is to be completed and published no later than the 10th working day following the end of each month, instead of at the end of the following month.  The bill also expands the reporting requirement to include the Property Tax Relief Fund and the Casino Revenue Fund. Monthly reports are to be transmitted to the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the General Assembly, the chairman of the respective appropriation and budget committees, the State Treasurer, the State Auditor and posted online on the official website of the Division of Budget and Accounting in the Department of the Treasury for the duration of three consecutive fiscal years.

Enactment of this legislation would ensure that decision makers have the information necessary to make informed and responsible decisions regarding the use and expenditure of the public funds entrusted to them.

NJEA asks you to vote yes on S-2095/A-2885.