“Bill to provide stable education environment for special needs”

NJEA is pleased to support S-1949 (Greenstein, Sweeney) / A-2739 (Benson/Wagner).  This bill directs the State Board of Education to promulgate regulations requiring school districts to develop a plan to establish stability in special education programming.

NJEA believes that consistency of location of services, curriculum and staffing is a key factor to the academic success of students, but it is especially vital when developing an individualized educational program (IEP) for our special needs students.  The legislation recognizes that many special education students are prone to regression if and when their schools are changed year after year.  The bill gives a voice to all members of the IEP team when deciding the best, least restrictive environment for the student.

NJEA is proud to support this bill which will ensure our special needs students receive the stability they will need to be successful learners.

NJEA urges you to vote “Yes” on this legislation.