“Concerns Penalties for Illegally Passing a School Bus”

The New Jersey Education Association supports S-1535 (Singer, Kean) and urges you to vote yes.

All too often, drivers disregard the safety of our children by passing a school bus even when the red lights are flashing.  Unfortunately, too many people are in a hurry, talking on cell phones and not paying complete attention to the road, and are often unaware of bus safety laws.

Currently, a school bus driver must first report the make and color of the car, tag number, and a description of the driver to make an allegation against someone who has illegally passed a school bus.  Getting all this information is virtually impossible while watching children crossing into traffic. Therefore, many times school bus drivers find that their cases are not heard in court because they do not have this full information.

NJEA understands that stopping for a school bus may not always be convenient, but it is the law. When it comes to the safety of our children, we believe there should be no compromise, and we are pleased that S-1535 provides additional safeguards and stricter penalties.

We ask you to vote yes on S-1535.

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