Authorizes a teacher leader endorsement to the instructional certificate.

NJEA supports A-448 (Jasey, Diegnan, Wolfe, Caputo, Jimenez).  This bill would create a teacher-leader endorsement on the New Jersey instructional certificate.  The endorsement would be earned through a program of 12 graduate credits or 180 clock hours of professional development offered by colleges and universities or nonprofit educational organizations that have been approved by the NJ Department of Education.

NJEA first put the concept of a teacher leader endorsement in our education reform proposals two years ago.  Teacher leadership will help improve teacher quality and student learning as it creates collective leadership, which has a stronger influence on student achievement than individual leadership. 

A teacher leader is NOT doing the job of an administrator.  Teacher leaders serve in positions where they help improve teacher practice, such as mentors, members of the school improve panel, professional development coordinators, etc. 

Why create a teacher leader endorsement?

  • It improves teacher quality and student learning, as teachers learn from other teachers.
  • It creates collective leadership in a school, which helps both school culture and student achievement.
  • It will create a career ladder to help keep highly effective teachers in the classroom.
  • It will help ensure schools remain focused on instruction.

NJEA is proud to be at the forefront of this movement which will only benefit our schools, our students, and the teaching profession.  We ask that you vote yes on A-448.