Establishes task force to study issues related to the establishment of full-day kindergarten.

NJEA supports A-447 (Jasey, DeCroce, Caputo, Singleton).  This bill would establish a task force to study and evaluate issues associated with the establishment and implementation of full-day kindergarten.

NJEA supports full-day kindergarten.  Research demonstrates that money spent on high-quality early childhood learning has long-term academic, economic, and social benefits that are realized well into adulthood.  Full-day kindergarten contributes to increased school readiness and helps to narrow the achievement gap between groups of students.

While we would like to see full-day kindergarten implemented across the state, we recognize that there are many questions associated with the costs of implementing full-day kindergarten.  In addition to staffing, there are other operational costs, as well as difficulties with facilities. 

A task force report on full-day kindergarten will address these issues.  It can provide a careful evaluation of the costs and benefits to children, their families, and school districts.  It will, we hope, provide the state with a plan on how to best implement full-day kindergarten in a way that best serves the needs of the state’s children while recognizing the financial realities in which we live.

We ask that you support A-447.