A-3309 Aca

“Concerns certain appeals of unemployment benefits determinations.”

NJEA supports A-3309 Aca (DeAngelo/Quijano/Benson).  This bill provides needed procedures for the payment of unemployment benefits when an appeal has been made and the claimant has not received a determination within 60 days from the time the appeal was made.  Under the bill, the Department of Labor would be required to continue unemployment benefits to the claimant, if they have not yet made a decision on the appeal within 60 days.

This bill would significantly help individuals who find themselves unemployed and needing to rely upon unemployment insurance (UI) benefits.  Unfortunately, many individuals are denied their UI benefits because an employer has filed an appeal to hold up the individual’s UI claims.  While it is certainly within the right of the employer to challenge certain situations where an individual might not be eligible for UI benefits, it is critical that protections are in place to help employees whose UI benefits are being held up by bureaucratic delays.

NJEA asks you to vote in favor of A-3309 Aca.