Creates the “New Jersey Security and Financial Empowerment Act” to assist victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

NJEA supports A-2919 (Fuentes, Mosquera, Riley and Benson) and S-2177 (Madden, Beach).  This bill would provide an employee with up to 20 days of time off from work within one year of an incident of domestic violence involving the employee, the employee’s family or a household member.  A-2919 and S-2177 also states that an employer cannot discharge, discriminate retaliate or threaten to do so with compensation, terms and conditions of employment, based upon an employee’s use of the leave.

According to A Partnership for Change (APFC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to curbing domestic violence; there were 40 domestic violence-related murders and 70,311 domestic violence offenses reported in New Jersey in 2011.

A-2919and S-2177 is critical to helping these individuals and families pick up the pieces from the after effects of domestic violence.  The leave granted under this bill will enable employees, either for themselves or their loved ones, to seek medical attention, relocate, pursue legal action, or participate in court proceedings.

This legislation is significant in helping victims of domestic violence obtain financial security, as it removes the fear of losing employment or facing discrimination while addressing abuse issues.

NJEA urges your support of this bill.