Requires an Advanced Placement Computer Science Course which may satisfy a part of either the mathematics or science credits required for high school graduation.

A-2597 (Singleton, Diegnan, DiMaio, Ruiz, Beach).  Beginning with the 2016-2017 grade nine class, this legislation would require school districts to permit an Advanced Placement computer science course to satisfy a part of the mathematics credit requirements as required by the State Board of Education for high school graduation.

According to this bill, a student must be concurrently enrolled in or have completed algebra I and geometry, or the content equivalent to satisfy a part of the mathematics credit requirement. 

NJEA supports this bill because:

  • Offering students the opportunity to take an AP Computer Science course can help prepare them to enter numerous careers in the future.
  • In fact, it is estimated that - by the year 2020 - there will be more jobs in computer-related fields than applicants available to fill them.

NJEA believes that we should always provide our students with opportunities that will broaden their chances at academic and career success.  We support this legislation; however, we want to make sure that as we go forward:

  • Our students meet all the graduation requirements as set forth by the State Board of Education.  This legislation has the potential to set precedent on what courses may or may not be waived in the future.
  • Colleges will accept an Advanced Placement computer science course in place of a mathematics course as currently required.
  • Teachers receive the appropriate professional development that will help them to provide the best instruction to their students.  This is especially important, since there is no computer science certification.

As the world is constantly adapting to changes in technology, NJEA stands as a willing partner to ensure that our students have the instruction and skills needed to be successful and productive citizens.

NJEA urges you to vote yes on A-2597.