“Modifies various aspects of charter school program including student enrollment procedures, revocation of charter, monitoring of charter schools, and collaboration between school districts and charter schools”

NJEA supports A-2147, sponsored by Assemblyman Al Coutinho, which make several improvements to current charter school law. 

NJEA supported the original charter school law in 1995 with the goal that public charter schools would serve as laboratories of innovation within the public school system.  Over 17 years later, there have been both successes and challenges.  At least 31 charter schools have seen their charters revoked, surrendered, or not renewed since 1996.  New Jersey’s charter school law needs reform to address these concerns. 

A-2147 represents an important step forward in applying many of the lessons learned over the years.  The bill would ensure that charter schools serve all student populations, would increase budget transparency, and would promote greater collaboration among public school districts and the local charter schools. 

For these reasons, NJEA believes that this bill would make the improvements necessary to allow charter schools to reach their full potential as laboratories of innovation within our public school system.

NJEA urges you to vote “yes” on A-2147.