"Requires firearm retailers to sell personalized handguns"

NJEA supports A-1426 (Johnson, Vainieri Huttle, Eustace)/ S-816 (Weinberg, Codey).  This bill requires firearms wholesalers and retailers to sell personalized handguns, also referred to as “smart guns,” in addition to the other types of handguns they sell.  The bill amends sections of current law prohibiting the sale or transfer of all handguns three years after personalized handguns are available for retail purposes.  It also continues to preserve provisions that require the Attorney General to report to the Governor and Legislature on the availability of personalized handguns and directs the Superintendent of State Police to maintain a list of personalized handguns that may be sold. 

In 2002, the Childproof Handgun Law was passed with the intent of furthering the development of personalized handgun technology and reducing preventable gun deaths.  A personalized handgun is designed only to be fired by an authorized individual and is in effect a consumer safety measure.  However, under this current law customer access to smart guns has been prevented due to the fact that other handguns would be illegal to sell once personalized handguns were available for retail purposes.

NJEA supported the Childproof Handgun Law and understands the unintended outcome of the law.  We continue to support efforts to lessen the number of handguns accessible to children and youth.  This new legislation will make personalized handguns available to the public and give consumers the opportunity to purchase handguns that cannot be accidentally fired by children, youth, or other unauthorized persons. 

NJEA urges you to vote “yes” on A-1426/S-816.