Romney's economic plan: <br>bash unions

Published on Friday, September 14, 2012

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney’s speech at the Republican National Convention might have been short on specifics, but he did lay out a five-point economic plan in Fortune last month. 

So how does he propose to fix the economy?  Does he want more accountability from the financial sector, where reckless behavior cost taxpayers trillions in bailouts?  Um, nope.  He’s a deregulation kind of guy.

How about asking the ultra-wealthy to contribute their fair share?  No again.  His deficit reduction plan is all about budget cuts – just don’t ask him to specify what he’d cut to close the gaps he promises to close.

So what is the plan?  According to Fortune, he told them that part three, out of five, is “going after teachers' unions.”   That’s right.  Because after all, it was teachers and their unions who sabotaged the economy under George W. Bush, remember?  Right.  And only by crushing unions can we, uh, what, stabilize the housing market?  Close the growing wealth inequality? Ensure that banks don’t game the system to their advantage?

Wait, what was the question again?  Because Mitt’s answer makes no sense.  Maybe it’s a contractual requirement to bash unions once every five sentences when you are in the pocket of ALEC and the Koch brothers.  But it won’t fix the mess that trickle-down economics and deregulation zealotry have created.

But hey, why have a plan when you can have a bogeyman instead?


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