NJEA to the rescue

Published on Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Hurricane SandyWe’re still tallying the number of school buildings that were damaged or even destroyed by Hurricane Sandy on Oct. 29-30.

Help is on the way.

NJEA has established a fund that will expedite the delivery of resources and able bodies to help members repair the classrooms of their colleagues.

The NJEA Hurricane Sandy Back to School Fund is already receiving contributions, and it will receive a sizeable kick-start from NJEA later this week.

Through donations of money, materials, and time, NJEA and its members will be helping the state’s hardest-hit schools – and their communities – as they seek to rebuild.

Schools are flooded, classroom supplies have been destroyed, and teachers and school staff are in dire need of assistance.  Their union – backed by 195,000 members who are eager to pitch in and help – is now coming to the rescue.

Sandy was a devastating natural disaster.  Now, we will witness a very human and organizational response to that disaster, and New Jersey is about to see what a union of people dedicated to each other’s well-being is all about.

(To contribute, send checks to: NJEA Hurricane Sandy Back to School Fund, P.O. Box 13407, Philadelphia, PA 19101.)







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