Emmy Award-winning Classroom Close-up, NJ

Classroom Close-up, NJ nominated for 2015 New York Emmy Award!

NJEA’s Classroom Close-up, NJ has been nominated for three New York Emmy Awards. The awards will be announced at the 58th Annual New York Emmy® Awards Gala on Saturday, May 2, 2015.

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Check out the past award winning segments!  Congratulations to all of our public schools!


1. 1997-98 Mid Atlantic Emmy Award: Graphic design

2. 1998-99 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award: Outstanding Public Affairs Series

  • Holocaust - Students from Lincoln Elementary in Garwood have the chance to meet Holocaust survivors and other eyewitnesses to the Nazi atrocities.
  • In the Gleaming - Seventh-grade students from Haddonfield Middle School see the world of migrant workers close up during a visit to the Shepard Farm in Bridgeton.
  • Emergency Medical Training - Woodrow Wilson High in Camden is the only school in the tri-state area to certify high school students as Emergency Medical Technicians. These students learn how to administer CPR, establish a triage, and perform emergency medical services. Several students have gone directly from the class to a career as an EMT.

3. 2000-01 New York Emmy Award: Outstanding Societal Concerns Programming

  • SAM - Student Advocates for Millennium began at Millburn High and has been expanded to a state-wide conference to help students with learning disabilities deal with school, work, home and social situations. About 300 students and teachers are expected to attend the conference at Bergen County Community College.
  • Project Symphony – Cathy Witkowski is a school secretary at Byrd Elementary in Glen Rock and the general manager of the Ridgewood Symphony. She has combined her love and commitment to the school and the symphony by arranging for the 50-member orchestra to perform a concert at each elementary school in the area.
  • Computer Lab – Computers are important tools in the work place, and students at Richard L. Rice Elementary School in Marlton are learning early how to master computer skills. The students learn how to create multimedia presentations and develop charts and graphs through spreadsheets.
  • Primary Learning CenterBrick Township has reconstructed a strip mall to create a primary learning center. Preschool and kindergartners are grouped with children from their own neighborhoods to create a stronger community and more effective learning environment.

4. 2001-02 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award: Outstanding Public Affairs Series

  • Migratory Birds - Maureen Barrett’s eighth-grade students from Mt. Laurel Middle School join volunteers at Reed’s Beach to witness a massive migration of shorebirds and participate in a research project headed up by leading scientists from across the world. The Red Knot is a bird that flies annually from the bottom of South America to the top of Canada, with one of the stops at the Delaware Bay to feed on the horseshoe crab eggs.
  • Peace Day - About 1,000 students at Lounsberry Hollow Middle School in Vernon will hear from dozens of impressive speakers during Peace Day. The speakers range from victims of the Holocaust to a Sudanese slave.
  • Grounds for Sculpture – 2001-02 New Jersey’s Teacher of the Year Jan Wilson and her students from Nottingham High in Hamilton learn about sculpting at the Grounds for Sculpture. Five years later we’ll see how the art lessons blossomed.

5. 2001-02 New York Emmy Award: Outstanding Societal Concerns Programming

Show #18 2001-02

  • Walk in my Shoes – Have you ever wondered what it is like for people who can’t see, or can’t walk, or can’t talk? Well the students at Memorial Middle School in Fair Lawn are learning firsthand how to be more compassionate, tolerant, and kind by walking in the shoes of people with disabilities and physical challenges.
  • Face to Face – Talented artists at Haddon Township High School in Westmont are turning their faces into works of art by Van Gogh and then sharing the experience with students at Strawbridge Elementary.
  • BEST- Gifted and talented sixth graders at Hillcrest School in Franklin Township (Somerset County) are keeping busy with a project called Business Education through Science and Technology. The students research and hear from the experts about law. The students are also delving into the world of work through the stock market and exploration of how companies make raw materials into moneymaking products.
  • Five Star Records – To make music more exciting for his students. Joseph Cantaffa of Eisenhower Elementary School in Freehold Township takes them to a real recording studio, where famous people like Jon Bon Jovi record their latest songs.

6. 2003-04 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award: Outstanding Public Affairs Series

  • Blueberry Legislation– Students at Veterans Memorial Elementary School in Brick participated in New Jersey’s political process by successfully passing a bill to make blueberries the official state fruit. They did their research, lobbied and learned that citizens can make a difference when they know how.
  • Poetry Festival– Crowds pack into schools for sports events, but imagine a large audience in an urban city listening to poetry. Sally Hughes, a published poet and school secretary at EHS Edison House, decided four years ago that students in Elizabeth have the talent and the desire to compete in a poetry festival. The fourth annual poetry festival was made possible through a Pride Grant from the Elizabeth Education Association.
  • Agriculture - Northern Burlington Regional High School in Columbus offers a course on hydroponics, which is an alternative to conventional food production. The students are experimenting with the changing trends of the agricultural industry by reducing the amount of time it takes to produce a crop. The goal was to harvest lettuce from seed to harvest in about a month.

7. 2004-2005 New York Emmy Award: Outstanding Educational Programming

Show #14 2004-05

  • Mentoring in Action – Genny Di Trani is devoted to the education profession and she wants all new teachers to learn from great teachers. She heads up the mentoring program at the Dumont School District. We’ll see how the mentoring program works at Dumont High School.
  • Mentoring – New Jersey requires that all new teachers participate in mentoring programs. Victoria Duff, with the NJ Department of Education, will explain why mentoring programs are important and what the new state regulations entail.
  • New Teacher Classes – You don’t just take new teachers and put them in a class with as many as 300 students a day and tell them sink or swim. You provide mentors, special classes and lots of counseling. See how those new to the teaching profession survive and thrive at Hunterdon Central High School in Flemington.
  • Second-Year Teacher – Remember Julie Cramer from Rancocas Valley Regional High School in Mount Holly? Last year we followed the brand new teacher on the start of her new career. This year she has a year beneath her belt and while she isn’t’ a seasoned veteran, she’s learned a lot. We will follow up on the young teacher and see what she’s learned and how she’s gotten help along the way.

8. 2006-07 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award: Outstanding Education Program Segment

  • “Whodunnit?” The piece covered Advanced Placement biology students at Nottingham North High School in Hamilton who participate in a CSI type investigation by using DNA.

9. 2008-09 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award: Outstanding Public Affairs Segment

  • Men of Distinction - Men of Distinction is an after school club at Charles W. Lewis Middle school in Gloucester Township designed to instill character, pride and values in male students. Teacher Val Daniel teaches the young men that despite the pressures of life, the mind is more powerful than the body.

10. 2009-10 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award: Outstanding Education Program Segment

  • High Tech Hall - Moodle, Google, SMART Boards, delicious, Skype, Twitter, and Wikis -- these are all a part of the expanded high tech hall at the NJEA Convention. There’s so much to keep up with, but thanks to the largest educational gathering in the world, New Jersey educators have all the latest and greatest technological tools to help make them relevant and progressive in their classrooms.

11. 2010-11 Mid-Atlantic Award Education/Schools Program Segment

  • Musical Thread – Two brothers and their best friend grew up in the streets of Camden wondering what their future would hold. All three returned to not only teach music at the public schools, but to inspire and motivate the children to achieve their dreams through hard work. Jamal Dickerson, teaches at the Creative and Performing Arts High School. His brother Nasir teaches at Morgan Village Middle School, and their best friend Hassan Sabree works at Forest Hill Elementary. They collaborate their lesson plans to make sure students are prepared for the next step in their education, from elementary through high school.

12. 2013-14 Mid-Atlantic Award Education/Schools Program

Show #8 2013-14

  • EdCamp - EdCamp STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) is an "unconference", an opportunity for educators to work together to provide free, participant-driven professional development in a conversational format.
  • Building Kids Program - Students at Haleyville-Mauricetown Elementary School are building boats to apply the concepts they are learning in math, science, language arts, art, and other subjects.
  • Music Integration - Fort Lee's School No. 1 is using music to extend concentration among general education and special education students in kindergarten through second grade.
  • Rewind:  Educational Support Professionals - In this Rewind segment, we take a look at the vital role Educational Support Professionals have in New Jersey's public schools.