NJEA is a democratic organization. NJEA members determine the direction and focus of the Association. NJEA’s governing bodies include:


The NJEA officers are elected by the full membership for a two-year period. The current officers are President Wendell Steinhauer, Vice-President Marie Blistan, and Secretary-Treasurer Sean Spiller.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee executes policies approved by the Delegate Assembly. Committee members are elected for terms of three years by members in their unit of representation.

Delegate Assembly

The Delegate Assembly (DA) determines the policies of the Association; approves the Association budget; acts upon reports from the NJEA officers, the Executive Committee, and all standing committees; and elects New Jersey representatives to the NEA Board of Directors. DA members are elected by members of their counties and units of representation.

County Presidents

The County Education Associations, affiliates of NJEA, coordinate activities in political action, training, bargaining, and organizing with local associations, as well as social activities. They provide a vehicle for local associations to network within the county and coordinate activities with NJEA. The elected county association presidents serve on the policy-making NJEA Delegate Assembly.

NJEA Committees

Nearly 50 NJEA Committees deal with specific concerns of Association members. If you are interested in serving on an NJEA statewide committee, contact your county president.

NJEA Staff

NJEA employs over 250 full-time staff and over 100 part-time consultants to serve its members. NJEA staff members bargain contracts, represent members in grievances, lobby for pro-education legislation, research and collect data, produce print publications, and a television show. Visit NJEA Leadership and Staff for more information.