Our School Museum

The Hipp Foundation has awarded a $7,500 grant to art teacher Rita R. Williams of New Egypt Primary School in Plumsted Township, Ocean County. Rita has identified an ongoing need to elevate the arts and celebrate the artwork and writing of Pre-K, Kindergarten, and first-grade students.

Currently student artwork can only be affixed to hallway walls using masking tape and the displays need daily attention to maintain and repair. Three-dimensional pieces cannot be displayed. The school’s main entryway leads into a large lobby of empty, unused space. This project will repurpose that space as a school museum to display all types of student works. As a gateway to learning and discovery, students and staff can be inspired and motivated.

All 220 Pre-K, Kindergarten and first graders will start the school year learning what a museum is and begin learning museum skills. A “museum game” will be created to teach students to learn visual literacy skills, proper museum etiquette, and the proper handling of museum art works. The students will be included in a Skype session with a curator from a major museum to explain the skills that a person needs to curate an exhibit in a museum.

Student curators from each first grade class will be instrumental in the creation of the museum displays. Student artwork will be augmented with artifacts to accentuate the subject matter. Paper artwork will be matted, framed, and displayed on panels. Three-dimensional pieces will be shown on shelves that can adjust to be seen by even the smallest students.

Artworks will be circulated and displayed throughout the school, and a selection of works will be permanently displayed throughout the hallways crediting the student artist by name, date created and title. These works will instill pride, provoke motivation, and build self-confidence.

A creative art curriculum will be developed to engage the youngest students in long-term units of study. The units involve Vincent Van Gogh, the African continent, and a study of Nature. Based on the unit, students will curate pieces for the museum. Each unit will culminate with an evening event.

The last exhibit in June will be held with an opening night gala, complete with red carpet entrance, where students will display their very best masterworks.

For further information contact:

Rita R. Williams
School Phone: 609-758-6800, ext. 3615