Family Fitness (Zumba/Dance)

Carlotta Nortman Marini, a teacher at Paul Robeson Community School in New Brunswick (Middlesex County) was awarded a $7,828 grant to help bridge the language barrier that exists within the school’s Latino community which reduces family involvement. Through a program that will use the universal language of dance, Carolotta will invite and engage the Latino community in before- and after-school Family Fitness dance classes.

A short program will be conducted during Back-to-School Night to inform the community about the Family Fitness program.

Dance classes will be offered 2-3 times per week for a total of 20 students in each class who will be accompanied by a family member to complete the family fitness experience. Class will take place in the morning before the start of the school day and will be lead by a dance instructor as well as an additional certified teacher. The instructor will conduct a 30-minute exercise session made up of different Zumba and dance routines.

For those family members who cannot attend the morning sessions, Family Nights will be offered, once per month. During this activity, parents will be given an opportunity to share their background in Latino dance with the program.

The activities will promote an increase in parent and community engagement and facilitate parent-child engagement, along with fitness awareness.

Monthly programs will coordinate with school events and holidays. Students and their families will be given a chance to perform what they have learned during these monthly assemblies. Fundraisers will be conducted at family fitness performances and/or Zumba fitness activities. The program has plans to collaborate with surrounding universities and their fitness/dance programs.

An end of year performance will be held during the day and at night for the entire community to enjoy.

For further information contact: 

Carlotta Nortman Marini
School Phone: 732-745-5300, ext. 5405
Cell Phone: 732-261-6711