Ecosystem Analysis Post-Superstorm Sandy

Teachers Jeanette Wehner and Jaime Pratt of Brick Township in Ocean County were awarded a $9,989 grant from the Hipp Foundation to implement their project at the Emma Havens Young School.  Fifth grade students in an inclusive classroom setting with needs that range from special education to gifted and talented to English Language Learners will participate in the ecosystem project. The students will receive STEM education in a more authentic and engaging way at an earlier age to establish the basics and have the confidence to attempt more challenging courses later in their educational careers.

Students will learn about the impact a cataclysmic weather occurrence has on their local environment through hands-on research. Using iPads to record testimonials in the field, students will interview others about their experiences. An iNote will be used to record individual observations and measurements in the field and then synced with observations made by their classmates in the field as well. Students will study the changes in the ecosystems using pre-and post-Sandy beach maps.

Partnerships will be formed with local colleges and universities, the county-wide society of professional engineers, and the Army Corps of Engineers to provide support and mentoring for the students.

Current curriculum will be augmented class labs, along with engineering, math, and technological projects. Science will be infused into all subjects so that information is applicable to real-world situations. Students will write about scientific topics and use mathematics to measure coastline changes through recent decades, particularly pre- and post-Sandy.

Students will create portfolios of cross-curricular work samples aimed at helping them think and act like scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.

Using all their research, and with the support of the professional mentors, the culminating project will be a tool, a program, or a methodology that the students will design to lessen the likelihood of coastal flooding following a natural disaster such as Superstorm Sandy.

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