Provide a lunch for Sandy Hook

Published on Monday, March 18, 2013

Sandy Hook Elementary SchoolIs your local association looking for a meaningful way to reach out to your colleagues at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.? Victoria Legacki, a second-grade teacher at Hilltop Elementary School in Mendham, N.J., has created a program that gives you that opportunity.

Before moving to New Jersey in 2007, Legacki was Miss Crocco, a first-grade teacher at Sandy Hook.

“My personal connection of knowing the staff and previously teaching in the first-grade classrooms made the event hit so much closer to home,” Legacki said.

Legacki visited her former colleagues in January and learned that some groups had sent lunch to the Sandy Hook staff.

“The teachers I spoke with said that this had really taken a huge burden off of their shoulders and made their days a little bit easier,” Legacki said.

Thinking of You Thursdays

Legacki’s former colleagues welcomed the idea of having more lunches provided for them, so she made arrangements with a caterer local to the school to prepare the lunches at a reasonable cost.

Legacki named the program “Thinking of You Thursdays.”

The staff from several schools in the Mendham area raised the funds to sponsor a lunch at Sandy Hook on Thursday, March 23.  Contributing to that lunch were the borough’s Hilltop Elementary, Mountain View Middle schools, St. Joseph's School, Ethel Hoppock Middle School Peer Leaders, and Mendham Township Elementary School.

Legacki is now seeking local associations and schools willing to sponsor other Thursday lunches through the end of the school year.

If your school or local association is interested in participating, Legacki asks that you identify a contact person to contact her at

You can learn more about the program, including costs, on the Thinking of You Thursdays blog at

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